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Solar collector

Inaventa Solar delivers cost-competitive solar heating solutions based on Norwegian technology. Our solar collectors are of high-quality design, produced at our own factory in Jevnaker using solar energy and clean hydropower, and recyclable materials only. We strive to ensure that our climate footprint is a small as possible.

Our solar collectors are delivered either as integrable building elements that transform roofs and facades into active energy suppliers, or as free-standing modules. The panel length is customisable and can be tailored to individual projects. We only use clean water for circulation inside the panels, which is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. In just 5-6 months, the panels will have returned more energy than the amount it took to produce them – at a competitive cost.

The solar collectors self-drain and are not pressurised (ie, they operate with atmospheric pressure). This makes installation and operation easier, while also providing additional protection against extreme temperatures.

Using the heat directly, and thus avoiding the “detour” and energy loss via power conversion, offers substantial efficiency gains. Solar panels can utilise up to 70-80% of solar energy for dedicated purposes, and the maximum power is as much as 700 W/m2. Inaventa Solar has a primary focus on homes, institutions and purpose-built buildings with heating needs, as well as agricultural projects and projects that combine solar energy and district heating.

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Regardless of project size, a solar heating system will consist of three main components: solar collectors, a water heater/boiler, and a control system. Inaventa Solar supplies all three components. We have worked hard to develop the best possible system operation to ensure ease of use, and optimisation of energy yield. 

The systems will cover 100% of energy needs. In periods of inadequate sun exposure, electricity will be the standard additional source of heating. The systems can also be combined with other energy sources or technologies, such as heat pumps or bioburners (wood, pellets, wood chips). As they come online, the systems will operate automatically throughout the year, requiring very little maintenance.

How it works

The solar collector is constructed as a compact multilayer module. Solar radiation is converted to heat in the absorber sheet, pure water absorbs the heat which is deposited in the absorber and carries the heat to a heat store. The solar system is operating automatically by means of a pump controller. In periods without possibility for solar harvesting, the controller stops the circulation and the liquid in the collectors drains within few minutes.

View animation video of the system function:


Inaventa Solar is developing an innovative concept for seasonal in-ground storage of heat, which also can also facilitate efficient storage where there is a lot of water in the ground - storage of heat in water-rich masses.



  • Price: Our materials and production methods enable us to offer solar panels at reasonable prices. Simple installation and low maintenance help to further reduce costs.
  • Sustainability: The solar panels are produced in Norway, at a factory supplied by solar energy and clean hydropower. We use recyclable materials and clean water for panel circulation.
  • Flexibility: Solar panel lengths are customisable, which offers greater flexibility in terms of architectural design and easy integration into building structures.


Solar collectors integrated in the south-facing facade of a school building

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