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Our technology


Inaventa Solar is the only manufacturer of solar collectors currently on the market that has the technology and production methods required to make high-quality solar collectors in heat-resistant polymer materials. The use of polymer makes the collectors more cost-effective, while also introducing a greater degree of flexibility and resulting in better environmental values.

Most solar collectors are still made out of metals, produced individually and in fixed sizes. By switching to polymer materials – a trend that has been prominent in sectors such as aerospace and autos in recent years – the production process becomes much more efficient, while also enabling more flexible product design. In turn, the products can be offered at lower prices, with a higher degree of customisation. Polymer collectors are also more lightweight than their metal counterparts, and are therefore easer to transport and handle at the construction site.

Our factory, based at Kvelsrud farm in Jevnaker, is part of a wider complex focused on energy, environment and sustainability. This includes organic food production and the hosting of sustainable seminars and conferences, as well as renewable energy production both from solar cells and solar panels.

The extrusion plant that forms part of our production line is the first of its kind globally. 

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Polymer materials:

  • Can be recycled
  • Do not break down into microplastics
  • Reduce the carbon footprint
  • Offer energy payback within 5-6 months


Heating accounts for a majority share of the energy bill, and solar collectors represent the most efficient solution for meeting heat demand through renewable energy. We are using brand new materials and production methods to ensure that our solar collectors and solar heating systems are among the most competitive on the market.


Our solar collectors are produced in Norway, where our factory runs on solar energy and clean hydropower. We only use recyclable materials, and clean water for collector circulation. In just 5-6 months, the solar collectors will have delivered more energy than the amount used to manufacture them, translating into many years of net emission-free energy production.

The energy consumption involved in the production of our solar collectors is substantially lower than the amount used for regular metal-based panels. Our collectors also have higher values for key LCA indicators.


We have placed great emphasis on making our solar collectors visually appealing. The panels can be produced in custom sizes and be tailored to fit various buildings’ architecture. The surface is smooth and black, while also reflecting the colour of the sky to a certain extent. As such, the collectors can help give buildings a more modern and unique look, while also signalling a strong environmental commitment.

The solar collectors are usually integrated into the roof or facade, essentially becoming part of the core building structure, and often forming a key element of the architectural expression.


Solar collectors that are integrated into buildings will replace other external cladding, transforming roofs and facades into active energy suppliers. The panels protect against harsh weather conditions, in addition to producing heat for multiple purposes – both internally and via local or district heating networks. Multi-functional roofs and facades offer both economic and environmental benefits.

Innovative design, a natural part of the building and a choice that keeps paying off 

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