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Seasonal storage of solar heat

Seasonal storage of solar heat can make the energy available throughout the year. When the solar heat is deposited in the ground, it can be harvested when needed, even through the coldest and darkest winter months. Inaventa Solar is developing an innovative concept for seasonal in-ground storage of heat, which also can also facilitate efficient storage where there is a lot of water in the ground - storage of heat in water-rich masses. At our solar collector factory at Jevnaker, Norway, we have drilled deep energy storage wells, which we are now starting to “charge” with energy from the roof-integrated solar heating system at the factory building, combined with surplus heat from the production plant. The stored energy will be used to heat the factory hall in winter and to extend the growing season in a nearby greenhouse.

Inaventa Solar and IFE develop a digital twin to optimize the production of solar collectors

Inaventa Solar is now in the process of completing a new production line for solar collectors based on high performance polymers (HPP) at our factory at Jevnaker, 70 km north of Oslo. The solar collectors are lightweight, can be produced in any length, and are specifically designed for aesthetic building integration. Making solar collectors in high-performing polymer materials, however, places great demands on both production equipment and control systems, and we are dependent on continuous process optimization and a high degree of digitization. Introducing a digital twin - ie, a virtual copy of the entire production line - will be the next step in our digitization process, enabling real-time prediction, optimization and improved decision-making. The digital twin will be connected to the production line's own control system and ensure an even more cost-effective and sustainable solar collector production process.

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